“Arden of Faversham” (Anonymous)

This play was bloodthirsty and hilarious, a mix I am seeing more often in Early Modern plays. Could we read more of John Lyly’s plays?


4 thoughts on ““Arden of Faversham” (Anonymous)

  1. A play that I would like to suggest for the Paper Stage is The Witch of Edmonton.

    A mixed review from Michael Billington here http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2014/oct/30/the-witch-of-edmonton-review of the current run in Stratford focuses largely on a disjointed script, which might be interesting to hear in a public reading. (But don’t let that put others off – the sections I’ve read before have been great.)

    Also, mainly, it has a talking dog in it.

    Tom Moyser


  2. Thanks both for these suggestions. More Lyly is definitely a good idea given our collective response to “Gallathea” a couple of months ago (how about “The Woman in the Moon”?), and it would be fascinating to see what we can do with “The Witch of Edmonton” on the Paper Stage. The voice of the dog is yours if you want it Tom?!

    Harry Newman


    1. Thanks for this, Eoin – great review and a convincing defence of The Witch of Edmonton as a play more generally. We’re reading it at Kent Uni on 24 March, so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes of it.


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