Romeo and Juliet (Maria Hamilton)

Just wanted to give some feedback on Monday’s night’s Romeo and Juliet read through. Firstly, to say thanks to Harry and Clare for organising this, as it was a memorable way to spend an evening. I reflected afterwards with Cath that, despite my enjoyment of Shakespeare’s plays, I would never in a million years have sat down to read an entire play in one sitting on my own! (Thanks to digital technology, among other things, there’s always so much to fill up one’s ever shorter and shorter attention span.) And yet surprisingly, my focus was unwavering, maintained fairly easily throughout…

It did seem a bit of marathon to get through the whole of it though and as a consequence left insufficient time for much social interaction and/or reflection upon the experience with others present. Perhaps this isn’t necessary for research and doesn’t matter that much in particular, but if people are going to go along month on month, it would be nice to learn their names, at least. (Or perhaps we are meant to be identifying each person with the characters they played? “I wonder where Benvolio is from?”, “I just saw Juliet in the loo”.)